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Will social media encourage the CMO to adopt a COO mindset?

  The role of the Chief Operating Officer differs from industry to industry and from organization to organization.  In most cases the COO is responsible for the daily operations of the company.  Many COO’s have worked their way through the company holding different positions of responsibility and are now being groomed to take over the CEO position.  Key functions of the COO often include:   1.   Organize resources as set […]

Customer Experience “Scope Creep” Creates Unprofitable Accounts

Most marketers have heard or even quoted John Wanamaker’s assertion, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Here is a not-so-old adage for your consideration: All the resources I continue to invest in an unprofitable account compound the loss; the trouble is I don’t know when the account became unprofitable. When the economy was growing a number of organizations began […]

Will Sales & Marketing Become One in 2009?

2009 is not going to be a pretty year. In fact it could be a year in which many organizations actually do less with less, not more with less. As resources shrink it’s certainly not an environment in which CEO’s are going to be tolerant of turf battles. But will it be the year sales and marketing become one? For the last few years many organizations have invested in customer […]