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Is marketing turbo-boiling your sales prospects?

I have a new electric stove with turbo-boil. The manufacturer calls this feature “America’s fastest speed-to-boil” element. In fact, it heats liquids in a snap. Are you currently feeling pressure from your sales organization to use the turbo-boil feature? You know, turn up the campaign heat in order to snap the prospect through the sales funnel. Turbo-boil is great for making hot tea; but in my opinion it can backfire […]

How Marketing Can Help When B-To-B Sales Cycles Start To Extend

Do you refer to it as the funnel, pipeline or forecast? I suppose that depends on the sales methodology your company follows. At the end of the day though, every closed “opportunity” started at the beginning of your sales cycle and then moved through a progression of stages before the order was signed. Right now you probably have several opportunities stalled due to the economy, and your sales force is […]