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Are You a Social Buzzkill?

Imagine that you’re attending a major conference.  It’s time to head over to the networking kick-off session.  You’ve got your business cards in your pocket and your elevator speech is locked and loaded.  You’ve brushed up on current events and read the speakers backgrounds so you are ready to keep the conversation light and engaging. And then it happens; you run into a social buzzkill.  He’s looking at your name […]

CXO Conversations before the Company Meeting

A trim balding man in khakis with a button down shirt, the CMO looks the part he has played for so many years – the affable, hardworking executive who gets the job done.  It’s the 2015 sales kickoff meeting and he is setting in the front row with the rest of the executive team getting ready to address the troops.  He could still remember a time when these meetings required […]

Are Marketing Booth Babes Back in Style?

When Dilbert and his peers poke fun at marketing trade show tactics they’re often referring to the use of “booth babes.”  Now, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article (The Evolution of Auto Show ‘Booth Babes’) it appears the auto-show model is coming back.  I blogged on this topic in November 2007 (Using Marketing Booth Babes) and that post created a very spirited discussion.  Using sex to sell has […]

Marketing in a Sluggish Growth Economy

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (“Basic Costs Squeeze Families”) stated that consumers have seen little growth in their wallets and remain skittish with discretionary spending.  Of course, if you own a business that depends on people having jobs and disposable income you didn’t need research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to tell you that consumer spending is sluggish.  The Black Friday report card was underwhelming, and […]

How to Build Talent in Your Organization

Your employees need to be prepared and motivated for the next challenge.  Organizations need the human capital infrastructure in place to give their workforce the right skills to work on the right projects in the right roles. They do this through a focus on three key talent management areas: goal alignment, skills development and talent mobility. Goal Alignment: Strategy execution fails in large part due to differing goal priorities. When […]

6 questions to help you create your “follow” strategy

“What’s our following strategy?  What are you talking about?  We’re the thought-leaders in our industry, and our executives are well known.  We don’t follow; we provide leadership so that our audience can listen to us.” That doesn’t exactly sound like a customer-focused or engagement-ready organization or individual does it?  And yet, that’s basically the perception you get from many major social media profiles.  Simply stated, they don’t fully consider how […]

4 Observations to Share with Your Executives Who Don’t Use Social Media

Most people will agree that practical experience is a good thing. In fact, if you’ve been around the block a time or two, the old adage “experience is the best teacher” is probably anchored in your mindset. When I reflect on my lessons learned through practical experience I always find Will Rogers’ perspective insightful, but also at times, troublesome: Why troublesome? After all, at one point or another we all […]

Wearable technology? It’s cool, it’s fun, and it will make some people feel uncomfortable.

Pictures and video have recently been top of mind for me as it relates to wearable technology.  So yes, I’ve invested in and played around with the GoPro camera, and a device known as the Narrative Clip in order to gain personal experience.  Let me begin by saying that this post is not a product review.  And it’s not a report that involves quantitative marketing research.  It’s simply a very […]

My Lessons from RadioShack

In the 1970s my father owned a RadioShack franchise.  So, while I was in high school I spent quite a bit of time on the floor selling electronic gadgets.  Thanks to the Citizens Band radio craze (remember the movie Smokey and the Bandit?) we sold CB radios like proverbial hotcakes.  The TRS-80 computer was there too.  In fact, we could demonstrate it showing the store inventory application that was loaded.  […]

Decoding the Consumer

On the children’s live-action adventure show Captain Midnight, members of the Secret Squadron used special decoder rings to decipher messages that no one else could understand.  The secret decoding power provided a competitive advantage that allowed the Secret Squadron to win. Wouldn’t it be great if you could slip on a special marketing decoder ring to decipher your prospects?  Imagine the advantage of knowing the secret communication channel and message […]

8 Steps for Building Customer Bonds

Over thirty years ago I pledged my loyalty to the Navy blue and gold.  Then my son came along and decided to join the Army.  Yes, the Army-Navy game is spirited at our house, but I couldn’t be more proud of his service.  Loyalty created through an emotional service bond is powerful.  How does your organization create emotional customer bonds that build deep loyalty?   Eight Steps to Blue & […]

Perception is Reality

Beloit College recently released their Mindset List for the class of 2018.  This year’s list contains 55 items that provide a look at the cultural touchstones that have shaped the lives of this fall’s entering class.  Most of this year’s freshmen were born in 1996, just for fun; take a look at the world through their eyes: During their initial weeks of kindergarten, they were upset by endlessly repeated images […]