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Using Metastrategy to Amplify Your Media Performance

The prefix meta- is used to mean about its own category.  For example, under the umbrella of business intelligence you often hear the term “metadata” which means data concerning data.  For purposes of this short post, “metastrategy” could be described as an overarching marketing strategy determining which media strategies to use during various phases of the consumer purchasing process (strategy concerning strategy).  As your customers move through the purchasing process, multiple […]

Generation Gaps, Marketing Media, and the Plumber

The marketing agency I work for is often approached by local Universities to work with senior business students on their capstone marketing courses. This spring we helped one class work through a marketing media planning session focused on one of our national plumbing clients. The students did an excellent job. In fact, I was impressed with their recommendations to leverage social media in addition to the print and interactive yellow […]