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How to Leverage the Difference Between Shoppers and Buyers

Some 18% of small-business owners surveyed in April said they are working a second job, according to the latest findings from the American Express Open Small Business Monitor. It’s an indicator that many business owners are experiencing challenges in an economic environment that they haven’t faced before. It also sheds a new light on the lead generation process. The media landscape has expanded with a proliferation of channels touting more […]

Pay-for-Performance Marketing in a Down Economy

As the economy continues to sputter, many marketers are dealing with shrinking advertising budgets by leveraging performance-based advertising initiatives to help generate qualified sales leads. Pay-For-Call (PFC) is a performance-based advertising medium that delivers customer inquiries to advertisers via the telephone. PFC programs also help marketers reduce risk through greater accountability and measurement since advertisers only pay for leads that meet a minimum call duration. Local service based businesses, including; […]

Life Event Marketing that is Relevant, Timely and Permission Based

“Will it play in Peoria?” It’s a timeless question with special meaning. During the heyday of American vaudeville, the answer to that question determined whether a show would be a hit or a flop. The thinking was if it wasn’t acceptable to those in the heart of America’s heartland, there was no chance it would make it anywhere else in the country. If it didn’t receive strong approval the show […]