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Teamwork Lessons from the Campground

Setting up a tent isn’t as easy as you’d think, especially if you’re not a regular camper or you’re setting it up in bad weather, or teaming with your spouse to complete the task. Our annual family reunion this summer involved camping and that meant breaking out our tent. When our kids were young our camping skills were up-to-date. Now that we’re empty nesters our idea of roughing it is […]

6 Steps for Asking Better Questions

Does your company encourage questioning in any substantive way? If so, does your company provide any training programs focused on guidelines and best practices for questioning?  In truth, many companies, whether consciously or not, have established cultures that tend to discourage inquiry in the form of someone’s asking “Why are we doing this?”  The impulse is to keep plowing ahead, doing what we’ve done, and rarely stepping back to question […]

Has Your Social Media Team Become Rationally Ignorant?

Has rational ignorance impacted your organizations social media activity yet?  Rational ignorance is the decision not to become more informed about something because the perceived cost of the additional intelligence in terms of both effort and expense is more than the expected return on the knowledge gained.  It kicks in for most of us when we believe we have reached the point of diminishing returns in relation to the value […]

4 Observations to Share with Your Executives Who Don’t Use Social Media

Most people will agree that practical experience is a good thing. In fact, if you’ve been around the block a time or two, the old adage “experience is the best teacher” is probably anchored in your mindset. When I reflect on my lessons learned through practical experience I always find Will Rogers’ perspective insightful, but also at times, troublesome: Why troublesome? After all, at one point or another we all […]

Wearable technology? It’s cool, it’s fun, and it will make some people feel uncomfortable.

Pictures and video have recently been top of mind for me as it relates to wearable technology.  So yes, I’ve invested in and played around with the GoPro camera, and a device known as the Narrative Clip in order to gain personal experience.  Let me begin by saying that this post is not a product review.  And it’s not a report that involves quantitative marketing research.  It’s simply a very […]

Perception is Reality

Beloit College recently released their Mindset List for the class of 2018.  This year’s list contains 55 items that provide a look at the cultural touchstones that have shaped the lives of this fall’s entering class.  Most of this year’s freshmen were born in 1996, just for fun; take a look at the world through their eyes: During their initial weeks of kindergarten, they were upset by endlessly repeated images […]

3 Key Factors to a CMO's First 90 Days

“In Search of Failure.”  That’s the title of chapter seven in Frederick Reichheld’s book The Loyalty Effect.  In that chapter, Reichheld points out that an investor who built a stock portfolio out of the companies profiled in the book In Search of Excellence (Peters and Waterman) would have seen their returns trounced by the mediocre performance of the S&P index during the ten year period following the book’s 1982 publication.  In fact, by […]

Are you Mentor Material?

In a fast changing business environment do “I remember when” or “when I was your age” stories have value?  My twenty something year old children listen to my stories – sometimes.  My twenty something year old direct reports listen.  Of course I also do their performance reviews, so they might feel compelled to do so.  Do you think these less senior people are occasionally tempted to roll their eyes during […]

Five Ways to Adapt to Constant Change in the Workplace

“I’ve been in this business for 30 years, and I’ve never seen it like this.” I can recall hearing that statement three times over the course of my adult working life. The first time I heard it was very early in my career. My boss at the time had been a part of the Texas oil field service industry for more than 30 years, and the mid-80s oil crash was […]

3 Tips for Building a Social Media Lifelong Learning Environment

Has rational ignorance impacted your organization’s social media activity yet? Rational ignorance is the decision not to become more informed about something because the perceived cost of the additional intelligence — in terms of both effort and expense — is more than the expected return on the knowledge gained. It’s not a condition you’re excited to encounter if you’re trying to create a lifelong learning environment. More than likely, your […]

Personal Clout vs. Company Clout

Somewhere in America, a business leader is standing in front of an audience prepared to use the phrase “Our most important asset is our people.” Do you think they really mean it? What about other key assets, for example: 1. Real estate 2. Rights to natural resources like oil and gas 3. Cash reserves 4. Patents 5. The corporate brand OK, that’s not really a fair question because people are […]

50 Marketing Leaders Over 50 You Should Know

Let’s recognize that age has little to do with ability. You’re never too young or too old if you’ve got talent. In the marketing world, Advertising Age and Direct Marketing News have their 40 under 40 lists. Forbes has their 30 under 30. This blog post counterbalances with 50 who are over 50 because to my knowledge a list of this nature has never been published. Now, before I present […]