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The Customer is in Control

I have an electric stove with a turbo boil feature. The manufacturer calls this feature “America’s fastest speed-to-boil” element. In fact, it does heat liquids in a snap. Have you ever been tempted to set your marketing communications strategy on turbo boil? You know, turn up the “always be closing” heat in order to snap the prospect through the sales funnel. Turbo boil is great for making hot tea; but […]

Marketing Mindsets

  Beloit College recently released their Mindset List for the class of 2015.  This year’s list contains 75 items that provide a look at the cultural touchstones that have shaped the lives of this fall’s entering class.  Most of this year’s freshmen were born in 1993, just for fun; take a look at the world through their eyes:   ·         There has always been an Internet ramp onto the information […]

Give it to me in plain English

“Give it to me in plain English.”  My children are grown now; but when they were teenagers I can still remember a few conversations that started with that phrase.  As a parent, I just wanted a straight explanation.  Come to think of it, as a public citizen and consumer I welcome communications that are clear, simple and jargon-free.  That’s why I find it interesting that the federal government is rolling […]

Your Fanatical Support Is Making Me Uncomfortable

Maybe it’s just me and my Midwestern roots. But when you come at me full forces with “fanatical support” speak I feel a bit uncomfortable. Should I tell you my true feelings when you end our conversation with this question? “Have I answered all your questions and delighted you?” In truth you were not empowered to resolve my situation. So at the end of the day, I still have questions, […]

Decoding the Consumer

  In the 1950’s, on the children’s live-action adventure Captain Midnight, the Secret Squadron was chartered to combat evil. Squadron members used special decoder rings to decipher messages that no one else could understand. The secret decoding power provided a competitive advantage that allowed the Secret Squadron to triumph over their opponents.   Wouldn’t it be great if you could slip on a special marketing decoder ring to decipher your […]

Have you been lying to your customers to improve the customer experience?

You look marvelous!  Have you lost some weight?  Well, not really, but thanks for looking at me through your waist reduction glasses!    Did you read about the men’s pants waist size investigation conducted by Esquire? Esquire’s investigation found that several men’s pants brands are making waist sizes appear smaller to make their customers feel better. For example, pants from The Gap that say they are 36 inches are actually […]

Do You Have a Reputation for Quality?

Remember playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors?” The basics of the game consist of each player shaking a fist a number of times (priming) and then extending the same hand in a fist (rock), out flat (paper), or with the index and middle fingers extended (scissors).  Each of these is referred to as a throw, and which one wins is dependent upon the opponent’s throw.   ·         Paper wins against Rock (paper […]

Will Less Variety Change Your Customer Experience?

Grocery store’s who tried to attract customer’s by influencing the customer shopping experience via coffee bars, fancy bakeries and the availability of exotic products are going back to the basics. Major players such as Kroger, Stop & Shop, Publix and other big food chains are now refocusing efforts on the middle aisles where as much as 70% of their weekly profits are generated. In fact, many retailers are also expected […]

Code of Business Conduct

A Fortune 500 corporate newsletter I was recently reading mentioned that their Code of Business Conduct was 70-pages long. The code outlined their requirements and guidelines for customer relationships as well as how the employees should interact with each other. Business ethics and customer experience strategies are not optional and should not be treated lightly; but are 70-pages really necessary to frame a Code of Conduct? After all, the Golden […]

Is it Time to Bend Your Customer Loyalty Program?

Did you read Kevin Helliker’s article “Loyal Fans Are Batting Cleanup” in the April 30th WSJ? Actually, it was the second to the last paragraph that caught my attention: “Like a few other teams, the Royals are bending the golden rule of season-ticket sales, which awards the best seats to those with unbroken longevity. Long-time holders who bowed out of Kauffman Stadium this year can retain their priority status for […]

Customer Experience “Scope Creep” Creates Unprofitable Accounts

Most marketers have heard or even quoted John Wanamaker’s assertion, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Here is a not-so-old adage for your consideration: All the resources I continue to invest in an unprofitable account compound the loss; the trouble is I don’t know when the account became unprofitable. When the economy was growing a number of organizations began […]

Idearc Media’s SuperGuarantee Program Reduces the Customers’ Risk

Sharing the customers risk is a bold way to project faith in the quality of your product, confidence in its ability to delight, and show off your customer service model. In my post “Is Hyundai the Only Car Company Listening to the Consumer?” I reviewed Hyundai’s new Assurance program as an example of one type of marketing program designed to increase the customer’s comfort with buying a car by reducing […]