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First Impressions Are Part of the Customer Experience

A hot tub setting on your back patio that no longer works is classified as bulk trash. And bulk trash requires a big truck and some strong backs. The ad in the Local Directory section of my Sunday paper looked like it was the answer to my problem. AAA Hauling * Hire a Veteran * Large Dump Truck Hauling – Anything! * Phone 123-456-7890 No website, no social media profile, no address, just one […]

Disruptive Strategies for Winning Customers

I grew up in Grinnell, Iowa, a small town in the rural Midwest. It’s not exactly the place you would expect to find one of the most prolific scoring basketball teams in the nation. The “Grinnell System,” Grinnell College’s run-and-gun offense is considered unorthodox, even chaotic, but it is fun to watch. Grinnell teams have led all playing levels in scoring for 19 of the past 21 seasons, while ranking […]

Low-Tech Paper and Ink, and the Customer Experience

I penned “Customer Intelligence Is Meaningless If You Don’t Tie It to Strategic Action” many years ago.  Over time that article has been used by several organizations in their training materials as a way of demonstrating the importance of customer service and its impact on the customer experience.  One aspect of that article that is rarely commented on, but no less interesting, is the action I took related to my search […]

When the Customer Experience is an Open Letter

I just finished reading “Commodore: The Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt” by Edward Renehan.  Vanderbilt’s steamship business offered speed and economy, but not what you could consider courteous service.  In fact, one group of east bound passengers purchased space in the New York Times to vent their anger.  The open letter leaves no question that their “customer experience” was awful by any standard. Vanderbilt took advantage of the new steamboat technology […]

Can a “Surgical Discount” Strategy Scar the Customer Experience?

When was the last time you paid the full retail price?  According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal (Attention, ‘Discount Junkies’) about 15% of shoppers generally pay full price for items and don’t bother searching for sales.  At the other extreme, a fifth of online shoppers are considered true “discount junkies,” people who make purchases only when offered discounts. Discount shoppers are clearly reluctant to spend on […]

Influencing Sophisticated Customers in a Social Economy

In 1884 John Patterson founded The National Cash Register Company.  Patterson believed that pilferage and sloppy point-of-sale bookkeeping by store clerks was a primary reason store owner’s lost money, and from the start he was convinced that the cash register addressed those business challenges.  However; in 1884 the “voice of the customer” was not shouting – I need a cash register.  So, he took that silence to mean store owners […]

6 questions to help you create your “follow” strategy

“What’s our following strategy?  What are you talking about?  We’re the thought-leaders in our industry, and our executives are well known.  We don’t follow; we provide leadership so that our audience can listen to us.” That doesn’t exactly sound like a customer-focused or engagement-ready organization or individual does it?  And yet, that’s basically the perception you get from many major social media profiles.  Simply stated, they don’t fully consider how […]

Have you been lying to your customers to improve the customer experience?

You look marvelous!  Have you lost some weight?  Well, no, but thanks for looking at me through your waist reduction glasses! Esquire writer Abram Sauer tested some common brands of men’s slacks a few years ago, and found that actual measurements were often 2-3 inches larger than the indicated size.  For example, pants from The Gap that say they are 36 inches are actually 39 inches, pants from Dockers that claim to have […]

NFL Fans Love Their Teams. Do NFL Teams Love Them Back?

Well, not if you use the Follow-to-Follower ratio on Twitter as the measure.  In fact, here is how NFL teams compare: As you can see, the average NFL team follows back just 0.46% of their followers.  Sure, some of those accounts are bound to be bots and other type of junk profiles.  And anyone who is managing a major (brand) profile knows that it takes a lot of time and […]

My Lessons from RadioShack

In the 1970s my father owned a RadioShack franchise.  So, while I was in high school I spent quite a bit of time on the floor selling electronic gadgets.  Thanks to the Citizens Band radio craze (remember the movie Smokey and the Bandit?) we sold CB radios like proverbial hotcakes.  The TRS-80 computer was there too.  In fact, we could demonstrate it showing the store inventory application that was loaded.  […]

Decoding the Consumer

On the children’s live-action adventure show Captain Midnight, members of the Secret Squadron used special decoder rings to decipher messages that no one else could understand.  The secret decoding power provided a competitive advantage that allowed the Secret Squadron to win. Wouldn’t it be great if you could slip on a special marketing decoder ring to decipher your prospects?  Imagine the advantage of knowing the secret communication channel and message […]

8 Steps for Building Customer Bonds

Over thirty years ago I pledged my loyalty to the Navy blue and gold.  Then my son came along and decided to join the Army.  Yes, the Army-Navy game is spirited at our house, but I couldn’t be more proud of his service.  Loyalty created through an emotional service bond is powerful.  How does your organization create emotional customer bonds that build deep loyalty?   Eight Steps to Blue & […]