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Are Your Social Media Icons Holding Your Business Back?

It was a lively face-to-face business networking event.  As you might guess, social media was a hot topic.  Of course business cards were exchanged as many of the attendees represented agencies that promise to be able to bring social magic to a brand.  But what I found most interesting happened later, when I visited several of their corporate social media pages.  What became clear was that many of the profiles […]

Low-Tech Paper and Ink, and the Customer Experience

I penned “Customer Intelligence Is Meaningless If You Don’t Tie It to Strategic Action” many years ago.  Over time that article has been used by several organizations in their training materials as a way of demonstrating the importance of customer service and its impact on the customer experience.  One aspect of that article that is rarely commented on, but no less interesting, is the action I took related to my search […]

Are Marketing Booth Babes Back in Style?

When Dilbert and his peers poke fun at marketing trade show tactics they’re often referring to the use of “booth babes.”  Now, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article (The Evolution of Auto Show ‘Booth Babes’) it appears the auto-show model is coming back.  I blogged on this topic in November 2007 (Using Marketing Booth Babes) and that post created a very spirited discussion.  Using sex to sell has […]

When the Customer Experience is an Open Letter

I just finished reading “Commodore: The Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt” by Edward Renehan.  Vanderbilt’s steamship business offered speed and economy, but not what you could consider courteous service.  In fact, one group of east bound passengers purchased space in the New York Times to vent their anger.  The open letter leaves no question that their “customer experience” was awful by any standard. Vanderbilt took advantage of the new steamboat technology […]

Can a “Surgical Discount” Strategy Scar the Customer Experience?

When was the last time you paid the full retail price?  According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal (Attention, ‘Discount Junkies’) about 15% of shoppers generally pay full price for items and don’t bother searching for sales.  At the other extreme, a fifth of online shoppers are considered true “discount junkies,” people who make purchases only when offered discounts. Discount shoppers are clearly reluctant to spend on […]

8 Steps for Business Survival Cross-Training

This is part three of three from my eBook “Managers as Lifelong Learners” and continues my earlier thoughts on “How to build talent in your organization.” Talent Mobility When I was much younger, I worked as a roughneck in the West Texas oil fields.  The guys I worked with dubbed me “college boy” because they knew I’d be heading back to school in the fall.  As you might guess I […]

How to Build a Learning Organization

This post is part two of three from my eBook “Managers as Lifelong Learners” and continues my earlier thoughts on “How to build talent in your organization.” Skill Development “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” ~ Henry Ford When I tweet the quote above it’s not unusual for that message to get retweeted and favorited several […]

4 Observations to Share with Your Executives Who Don’t Use Social Media

Most people will agree that practical experience is a good thing. In fact, if you’ve been around the block a time or two, the old adage “experience is the best teacher” is probably anchored in your mindset. When I reflect on my lessons learned through practical experience I always find Will Rogers’ perspective insightful, but also at times, troublesome: Why troublesome? After all, at one point or another we all […]

NFL Fans Love Their Teams. Do NFL Teams Love Them Back?

Well, not if you use the Follow-to-Follower ratio on Twitter as the measure.  In fact, here is how NFL teams compare: As you can see, the average NFL team follows back just 0.46% of their followers.  Sure, some of those accounts are bound to be bots and other type of junk profiles.  And anyone who is managing a major (brand) profile knows that it takes a lot of time and […]

8 Steps for Building Customer Bonds

Over thirty years ago I pledged my loyalty to the Navy blue and gold.  Then my son came along and decided to join the Army.  Yes, the Army-Navy game is spirited at our house, but I couldn’t be more proud of his service.  Loyalty created through an emotional service bond is powerful.  How does your organization create emotional customer bonds that build deep loyalty?   Eight Steps to Blue & […]

3 Key Factors to a CMO's First 90 Days

“In Search of Failure.”  That’s the title of chapter seven in Frederick Reichheld’s book The Loyalty Effect.  In that chapter, Reichheld points out that an investor who built a stock portfolio out of the companies profiled in the book In Search of Excellence (Peters and Waterman) would have seen their returns trounced by the mediocre performance of the S&P index during the ten year period following the book’s 1982 publication.  In fact, by […]

The Chief Marketing Officer Social Media Alert System

It’s springtime and that means my weather alert radio will soon be broadcasting storm warnings:  “The National Doppler Radar System has indicated that local conditions are right to produce severe weather.  High winds, damaging hail, and flash floods are likely products of this storm.  Seek immediate shelter moving away from doors and windows.” Why do I often reject the alert advice by running to the front door to see what’s happening […]