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How Companies Build Strong Competitive Advantages During a Recession

“Only the Employed Need Apply.” According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal many employers are bypassing the jobless to target those still working, reasoning that those still working are really the top performers. Other strategy guru’s are pointing out that because of record layoffs; the job market is actually flooded with qualified applicants and this presents an opportunity to hire talented employees – at a discount – […]

Is Bartering in Your 2009 Business Strategy?

In my post “Will Sharing The Customers’ Risk Become The New Customer Experience Best Practice?” I replied on February 10th that … “As it relates to small business owners and the current economy I suspect that the age-old practice of bartering (with the help of the internet) will surface to a level not seen in the past.” As it turns out a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (February […]