Social Media and Content Marketing Explained


Volumes of blogs, articles and research have been written on the millennials.  My married daughters are members of that generation and have started families of their own.  I’ve watched them ditch Facebook for Instagram and have left them both in the dust when it comes to Twitter.  A text message will still get the quickest response, but an immediate reply is never guaranteed on any platform because their lives are busy.  Reaching your target market through social media and content marketing can be complex.  That’s why I’ve engaged Wade and Levi to take you through some important points to consider.


1. Without strategic goals and a roadmap you will not reach your destination.


2. Lead by example.


3. Use social employee advocacy applications.



4. Social platforms should have different strategies.


5. Don’t broadcast, collaboration and two-way conversations build relationships.


6. Viral is not a strategy.



7. Empathy is more effective than public shaming. Don’t be a social bully.



8. Does your social marketing content tell a story?


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I’m paying in jelly beans.


(You can watch the video version of this post here: )


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