How to Quickly Build your Social Authority


LinkedIn, Twitter, and a blog are the main components of my social authority power triangle.  This is an important strategy to understand if your goal is to quickly develop a thought-leadership or expert reputation within your industry.  In fact, this power triangle works like compound interest because each platform accumulates benefits making it possible for you to be found by your customers and prospects when they are searching for a solution you can help them with. In addition, you can proactively find your target audience by using those same search features.   And finally, you can then directly engage your target market with messages and content crafted from a position of leadership.

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Your blog might be part of a (corporate) website that you wish to drive more traffic to.  Use your blog posts to showcase your knowledge and personality.  Don’t sell, but use this platform to tell engaging stories that demonstrate your unique understanding of the challenges faced by your target audience.  Offer practical advice and short helpful antidotes that can be immediately implemented by your readers.

Use your Twitter profile to build and nurture your targeted audience.  Spend time searching for and following profiles that match your targeted personas.  If you follow first, many will follow you back and that is an important key to building a targeted audience.  Think of yourself as a “publisher” on this platform.  In other words, build a large targeted audience; supplying them with content that is useful, can be consumed quickly, and is narrative in nature.  Of course, tweets that contain links to your blog posts should be part of that content feed.  In that way Twitter will become a major source of referral traffic to your website.

Finally, LinkedIn is used to quickly establish your industry credibility based on the professional material contained in your profile.  Your Twitter page should also display your LinkedIn URL in order to make it easy for your Twitter followers to quickly validate your professional background.  LinkedIn also has a feature that allows you to post articles.  Don’t hesitate to post your blog on both LinkedIn and your website.  There is nothing wrong with a “write once, post many places” content strategy.

With these three platforms working together it won’t be long before you will see your “expert” reputation grow.

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