Alan See CMO Temps, LLC

Why use a temporary Chief Marketing Officer?

1.  You need executive level marketing leadership now, but don’t have the 6 months or longer it will take your HR department to find the perfect fit.

2.  You need someone to “make it happen” immediately. Not someone who needs to ramp up and play to the political landscape.

3.  You can’t financially commit to a full-time W2 executive who has the skills and experience you desire.

4.  Your organization needs help understanding how to use social media. And you’ve realized that a marketing intern is not a smart answer to that very complex problem.

Interim, Part-Time or Project-Based: My focus will be on building a content-based sales lead generation program that is supported by a well-designed social media strategy.

Need digital expertise at the board level? With digital talent the most prominent board member challenge is often the stark generation gap. I have the experience and documented social media knowledge to close that gap.

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