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Why your teleprospecting efforts are failing

A mulligan, reload or redo; who wouldn’t like to have a second chance?  Sorry, when it comes to getting the ear of your targeted executive prospect you’re often lucky if you get a single shot.  That’s why I’m often amazed by the number of phone calls I receive in which the caller’s goal is to “set up a time to chat.” If your targeted prospect actually answers your call are […]

The Marketing Leaders Seat at the Executive Table

The executive team gathered around the conference table and the webcam flashed green as the First-Half 2016 sales forecast began.  The CMO remembered a time when these meetings were in person and required full business attire, there was no PowerPoint, and there were no smart phones or facilitated hashtagged social conversations with the audience.  The business world had changed though, and he loved it.  He can tweet and blog with […]

Social Media Communications that Executives Ignore

When it comes to social media communications with business executives, I heed the Law of Diminishing Returns; the longer the message, the less likely it will receive feedback.  I know this is true because of all the social media messages that I ignore. You’d think that the people besieging busy executives and major influencers with long messages, some with very good ideas, would learn this by now.  But they don’t. […]

Why You Are Not Getting that Demo Appointment with the CMO

It happens all the time.  By email, telephone, or through social media, the gist of the initial contact will be as follows: Sample subject lines and grabber statements: “Quick Question” “Did you see this yet?” “Quick Follow-Up” “I just wanted to reach out.” “I thought it would make sense for us to talk.” Alan, I wanted to reach out because our fully oxygenated, holistic, end-to-end digital marketing solution is revolutionary.  […]

Are Your Social Media Sales Leads Flawed by a False Premise?

If A equals B and B equals C, then A equals C.  It’s a simple conclusion and argument that looks rock solid.  However, if it turns out that A does not in fact, equal B, then the argument is flawed by a false premise.  The logic of an argument that uses a false premise can actually be perfectly sound.  I suppose that’s why you see it used so much in […]

Why don’t teams follow back their fans?

NFL teams are not exactly small businesses.  In fact, according to Forbes the 2015 NFL franchise value for the Denver Broncos is $1.94B making them the 11th most valuable team.  The Carolina Panthers at $1.56B are ranked 19th.  When you compare their Twitter follow-to-follower ratios the Broncos are above average while the Panthers are below average.  The average for the entire league is less than one half of one percent […]

Your HR Department is creating a Major PR Disaster

The economy remains weak which means your organization has its pick of talent during the hiring process.  In fact, you are probably getting tens if not hundreds of qualified applications for each position you seek to fill.  Your quest to find the “purple squirrel” (Recruiter jargon for the “perfect job candidate”) has been easy.  Although you have discovered that there are often fifty shades of purple!  No problem though, eventually […]

How to Use SEO and Content Marketing to Keep Your Visitors

Will it play in Peoria? This phrase is synonymous with questioning the success of, well, just about anything.  You can see the principle behind it in use throughout the world, whether it is science or business strategy, marketing or product placement.  But what does it mean for something to play in Peoria?  Why is that so important? Delving behind the metaphorical question, you’ll find that it is all about testing.  […]

Can One Percent Be Influential?

I grew up in Iowa which is generally considered a pretty low key state.  However, this February Iowa will be the keynote when the first step in the United States Presidential nomination process for both the Democrats and the Republicans begin with the Iowa Caucuses.  The Iowa caucus is generally defined as a “gathering of neighbors,” as many Iowans will be meeting in local schools, churches and public libraries to […]

Be Well-Trusted and You Will Never Want

“Be liked and you will never want.” Willy Loman – Death of a Salesman If you’ve spent any time in personal sales you know that Willy’s philosophy that anything is possible as long as a person is “well liked” is not going to close every deal. To influence someone about an important idea, you need to be more than just liked. A successful, persuasive personality that projects a positive selling […]

Don’t Be That Twitter Person

Their Twitter profile looked legitimate. It had a professional looking picture, a well written bio and a customized banner. So you followed them back. It always feels good when a professional finds your page and follows you first. It kind of feels like your social media content is catapulting your personal brand forward at great speed. And then blunt force trauma. An automated tweet or automated direct message from that […]

How to Keep Your Audience Looking Down

It was the most engaging of times. It was the least engaging of times. It was an age of fabulous fellowship. It was an age of fake followers. It was the spring of sharing. It was the winter of shilling. Our audience was looking down, but would our prospects ever look up? Are you looking down right now? There is a good chance you are if you are reading this […]