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When Your Customers are Caucusing You Need to Listen

Just about one year ago (January 3, 2008) I posted my blog entry … “Are Your Customers Caucusing?” As I mentioned in that short blog I grew up in Iowa which is generally considered a pretty low key State. However, that week Iowa received worldwide focus because the first step in the United States Presidential nomination process began there. As you may remember Senator Barack Obama was the Democratic winner. […]

Building Marketing Leadership in 2009

The U.S. economy shed 2.5 million jobs in 2008 – 1.9 million in the last four months of the year alone. That makes 2008 the worst year for employment since 1945. Simply put that means consumers’ have stopped their usual practice of spending tomorrow’s money today, and are now looking for ways to scale back. How many of you were in a marketing leadership role in 1945? Me either, in […]

Marketing Return on Investment and Your Tax Dollars at Work

This year’s college bowl season is now over. Did you notice how many bowl sponsors and advertisers were actually recipients of the federal bailout money? According to a recent WSJ article (“The Bailout Bowl: Big-Game Sponsors Scored Billions”) critics of the federal bailouts have been quick to voice their disapproval of those marketing investments. I love marketing and understand the opportunity those companies’s took to present their corporate brands and […]

Will Sales & Marketing Become One in 2009?

2009 is not going to be a pretty year. In fact it could be a year in which many organizations actually do less with less, not more with less. As resources shrink it’s certainly not an environment in which CEO’s are going to be tolerant of turf battles. But will it be the year sales and marketing become one? For the last few years many organizations have invested in customer […]

Building a Marketing-Ready Organization

A simple but often overlooked discipline to ensure that marketing is facilitating strategic alignment and that the marketing mix is focused on the desired customer experience is to use a written marketing plan for each marketing strategy developed.