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Why your lead generation program is damaging your brand

“Thanks for following! Let me know if I can help!” It appears to be a friendly welcoming, offering help to the receiver of the message, but it’s not.  In fact, if you are using those ten words at the front end of your lead generation campaign then you are actually damaging your brand.  Here is why: You delivered it through a direct message automation application didn’t you? I thought that […]

Is your company brave enough to hire overqualified job applicants?

No, probably not.  In fact, I’m guessing your company doesn’t even interview them for fear of the following: When more experience and skills are obvious from their LinkedIn profile or job application it naturally brings the perception of added value. And added value brings the perception of higher pay, even if the salary range hasn’t been disclosed.  If that perceived higher salary is higher than your budget for the position […]

What is Your Social Media ROI?

Individual:   “Alan, what’s your Return on Investment for your social media activity? I haven’t really experienced any benefits myself.” Alan:   “How often do you personally login to check your messages and engage real-time with your audience?   Are you personally taking time to craft material that is interesting and helpful to them?  Are you aware of their feelings and emotions?  Do you take time to listen and learn about your connections […]

How to Quickly Build your Social Authority

LinkedIn, Twitter, and a blog are the main components of my social authority power triangle.  This is an important strategy to understand if your goal is to quickly develop a thought-leadership or expert reputation within your industry.  In fact, this power triangle works like compound interest because each platform accumulates benefits making it possible for you to be found by your customers and prospects when they are searching for a […]

The Wisdom of Keeping Middle Managers

“Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.” It’s a phrase meant to express the speaker’s complete familiarity with a situation, and as you probably noticed, it definitely contains overtones of cynicism and exhaustion.  I’ll admit that I used it several times on my children as they were growing up.  And I’ve been tempted to use it in business situations, but have managed to hold my tongue. Middle managers have watched […]

The Tricky Art of Delegation

When our children were young and still living at home my wife and I would “delegate” some of the household chores.  Cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, mowing the lawn and other duties were performed in exchange for allowances.  Their efforts did not always produce spectacular results, but the tasks were accomplished for the most part, and life lessons passed on. The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. […]

Does Your Message Contain the Big Red Flag?

“I thought I’d reach out.” In the business world it’s a casual phrase that’s tossed around all the time. I thought I’d reach out to tell you a little bit about our company. I thought I’d reach out to see if we could set up a time to chat. I thought I’d reach out to give you one of our new white papers. I thought I’d reach out to introduce […]

What causes you to remove a connection?

Have you ever removed a connection on LinkedIn? Unfriended someone on Facebook?  Blocked a Twitter profile?  It’s a rare event, but on occasion I do severe relationships.  I don’t do it lightly because it’s hurtful.  Yes, it’s true that social rejection activates the same part of the brain that physical pain does.  It hurts most of us to be rejected.  In fact, I also feel bad when the role is […]

Are High Pressure Closing Methods Ever Justified?

“Alan, you’ve been a real professional during this process; I’ve grown to trust you, and I honestly like you. You’re going to get this order. That is, if you don’t mess it up at the end.” It was early in my sales career and I was sitting across the desk from my client, a bank president.  It was a complex solution situation that had been playing out for months.  He […]

How to do more with less, and not lose your shirt in the process

Some of the smartest business people I’ve met place their trust in fantasy-based marketing plans.  They believe it’s possible to do more with less.  In truth, they know better.  Because when “less” means reducing the marketing budget, “more” marketing activity is not what you get.  A decreased budget means change, because something somewhere has to be reduced, compromised or eliminated.  That means scaling back on lead generation campaigns, lower quality […]

Want to Grow Your Business? Look for Personal Brand Builders.

Do you truly understand the value of your own personal brand?  The strength of your personal brand plays a role in, and impacts the strength of your social network.  And the strength of your social network contributes value to your employer.  Your personal network isn’t a tangible asset, but it is social capital that vests immediately.  And it’s portable, meaning you can take it with you.  Have you ever thought […]

Use Different Connection Strategies for Each Social Platform

LinkedIn’s advice on sending connection requests reads that you should “only invite people you know and trust.”  The number of requests I receive from individuals I’ve never met (and therefore have no basis for trust) leads me to believe there are a lot of people who are not following that rule of thumb.  Or, perhaps it suggests their “trust” in certain profiles is deep enough to overcome their fear that […]