Influencing Sophisticated Customers in a Social Economy

In 1884 John Patterson founded The National Cash Register Company.  Patterson believed that pilferage and sloppy point-of-sale bookkeeping by store clerks was a primary reason store owner’s lost money, and from the start he was convinced that the cash register addressed those business challenges.  However; in 1884 the “voice of the customer” was not shouting – I need a cash register.  So, he took that silence to mean store owners […]

Are You Leveraging Teachable Moments?

Mistakes were made. We’ve heard that before – many times. The phrase first made famous by the Nixon administration was later used and re-used by many politicians – Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, to name a few. People generally aren’t fond of admitting their mistakes. I’m not. Businesses are the same. They don’t like to talk about their mistakes certainly not publicly – but not even within company walls. How mistakes […]

Marketing in a Sluggish Growth Economy

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (“Basic Costs Squeeze Families”) stated that consumers have seen little growth in their wallets and remain skittish with discretionary spending.  Of course, if you own a business that depends on people having jobs and disposable income you didn’t need research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to tell you that consumer spending is sluggish.  The Black Friday report card was underwhelming, and […]