4 Ways to Power Your Business with the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” Feature on LinkedIn

“Made you look!” When my kids were little I could play them with that phrase.  When they were teenagers, “I’m watching you,” was my serious message for don’t break curfew.   And now today, in our world of social media networking, I find myself wondering, “is anyone looking?!”   Well, the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?” module on LinkedIn is perfect for answering that question.  This feature can be playful and […]

The Customer is in Control

I have an electric stove with a turbo boil feature. The manufacturer calls this feature “America’s fastest speed-to-boil” element. In fact, it does heat liquids in a snap. Have you ever been tempted to set your marketing communications strategy on turbo boil? You know, turn up the “always be closing” heat in order to snap the prospect through the sales funnel. Turbo boil is great for making hot tea; but […]

How to Improve Your Twitter Curb Appeal in Five Key Areas

Think about what first attracted you to your home.  Your initial impression as you pulled up and viewed the unique landscape and exterior architecture.  Realtors call it “curb appeal.”  First impressions are important, as we all remember this warning: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”  In fact, psychologists, writers, and seminar leaders caution that we only have from seven to seventeen seconds of interacting with strangers […]