The Twitter “Lists” Feature Can Help You Monitor Your Reputation

Way back in November 2009 Twitter launched an interesting feature called Twitter Lists.  In short, Twitter Lists allow you to organize the profiles you’re following into groups.  The filtering aspect of this feature is helpful if you are trying to zero in on something specific, such as Twitter users based on location, employer, or any other relevant categories. Creating a new Twitter List is a simple process.  In fact, the first thing you’ll […]

4 Observations to Share with Your Executives Who Don’t Use Social Media

Most people will agree that practical experience is a good thing. In fact, if you’ve been around the block a time or two, the old adage “experience is the best teacher” is probably anchored in your mindset. When I reflect on my lessons learned through practical experience I always find Will Rogers’ perspective insightful, but also at times, troublesome: Why troublesome? After all, at one point or another we all […]

Have you been lying to your customers to improve the customer experience?

You look marvelous!  Have you lost some weight?  Well, no, but thanks for looking at me through your waist reduction glasses! Esquire writer Abram Sauer tested some common brands of men’s slacks a few years ago, and found that actual measurements were often 2-3 inches larger than the indicated size.  For example, pants from The Gap that say they are 36 inches are actually 39 inches, pants from Dockers that claim to have […]