Are Your Social Media Sales Leads Flawed by a False Premise?

If A equals B and B equals C, then A equals C.  It’s a simple conclusion and argument that looks rock solid.  However, if it turns out that A does not in fact, equal B, then the argument is flawed by a false premise.  The logic of an argument that uses a false premise can actually be perfectly sound.  I suppose that’s why you see it used so much in […]

Why don’t teams follow back their fans?

NFL teams are not exactly small businesses.  In fact, according to Forbes the 2015 NFL franchise value for the Denver Broncos is $1.94B making them the 11th most valuable team.  The Carolina Panthers at $1.56B are ranked 19th.  When you compare their Twitter follow-to-follower ratios the Broncos are above average while the Panthers are below average.  The average for the entire league is less than one half of one percent […]

Your HR Department is creating a Major PR Disaster

The economy remains weak which means your organization has its pick of talent during the hiring process.  In fact, you are probably getting tens if not hundreds of qualified applications for each position you seek to fill.  Your quest to find the “purple squirrel” (Recruiter jargon for the “perfect job candidate”) has been easy.  Although you have discovered that there are often fifty shades of purple!  No problem though, eventually […]