Perception is Reality

Beloit College recently released their Mindset List for the class of 2018.  This year’s list contains 55 items that provide a look at the cultural touchstones that have shaped the lives of this fall’s entering class.  Most of this year’s freshmen were born in 1996, just for fun; take a look at the world through their eyes: During their initial weeks of kindergarten, they were upset by endlessly repeated images […]

3 Key Factors to Creating Your Customer Experience Strategy

Did you know that early phone books included detailed directions on how to use the telephone?  For example, a New York City telephone directory from 1885 gave the following instructions: We can laugh about that passage now; but think about it, in 1885 the telephone was new technology and nobody had any idea how to use one.  In fact, even after the telephone had been demonstrated, there was not universal […]

Is Your Marketing Content in Plain Writing?

“Give it to me in plain English.”  My children are grown now, but when they were teenagers I can still remember starting conversations with that phrase.  As a parent, I wanted a straight explanation.  Come to think of it, as a public citizen and consumer I welcome communications that are clear, simple and jargon-free.  It appears that we all do, because in October 2010 the Plain Writing Act was signed […]