Is Your Marketing Content in Plain Writing?

“Give it to me in plain English.”  My children are grown now, but when they were teenagers I can still remember starting conversations with that phrase.  As a parent, I wanted a straight explanation.  Come to think of it, as a public citizen and consumer I welcome communications that are clear, simple and jargon-free.  It appears that we all do, because in October 2010 the Plain Writing Act was signed […]

3 Key Factors to a CMO's First 90 Days

“In Search of Failure.”  That’s the title of chapter seven in Frederick Reichheld’s book The Loyalty Effect.  In that chapter, Reichheld points out that an investor who built a stock portfolio out of the companies profiled in the book In Search of Excellence (Peters and Waterman) would have seen their returns trounced by the mediocre performance of the S&P index during the ten year period following the book’s 1982 publication.  In fact, by […]

Are You Using the Dreaded Cold Call or Creating a Conversation?

  Did you know that the cold call is not unique to sales?  It happens in the class room as well.  When a teacher asks a question of a student who hasn’t raised their hand you can feel the temperature drop, because you’ve got a cold call in action.  The teachers’ goal is to keep her students attention by introducing the possibility that anyone can be asked to speak at […]